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November 28, 2023


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How We Rate

Your comprehensive guide to understanding our product review and scoring process.

Our Scoring System

Dive into the essence of Reviewely’s unique approach to product evaluations.

General Reviewing Process

At the heart of our reviews is the real-world experience. Here’s what sets our reviews apart:

  • Authenticity: Our reviews are rooted in the reviewer’s hands-on time with the product. They are never based merely on specifications or a brief encounter.
  • Integration: Whether reviewing a smartphone, computer, television, or software, our goal is to integrate the product into our daily routines. This helps us convey a genuine experience to our readers.

Benchmarks and Battery Testing

While personal anecdotes are vital, we also rely on systematic benchmarks for a comprehensive review:

  • Performance Metrics: Many of our tests align with industry standards, ensuring our reviews are comparable and competitive.
  • Battery Life: Our unique approach to battery testing revolves around real-world usage. For instance, when reviewing laptops, we adjust the screen to 200 nits of brightness and detail our activities during the battery evaluation. This method provides a more accurate representation of a device’s real-life performance.

Scoring Criteria

Every product we review is meticulously scored to reflect its true value.

The Reviewely Score

Our scoring system is designed to be intuitive, but for clarity, here’s a breakdown of our 1 to 5 scale:

  • 1: Disappointing and not recommended.
  • 2: Below average with multiple glaring issues.
  • 3: Average. The product has its merits but also notable problems.
  • 4: Very good. A commendable product with minor flaws.
  • 5: The pinnacle of excellence, setting industry standards.

Note: On rare occasions, we might adjust a product’s score post-publication due to significant changes. We always provide a rationale for any score adjustments.

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