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November 28, 2023


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Review: Edible Ink for Printers

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Edible Ink for Printers: Mayway Compatible Cartridges for Cake Printers – A Comprehensive Review


Edible Ink for Printers

In the world of edible ink for printers, the ink you pick really matters. As more people get into home baking and custom cake designs, having the right tools is super important. So, let’s talk about the Mayway Compatible Ink Cartridges made just for cake printers. In this review, we’ll go over its main features and benefits, helping you see if it’s a good match for your baking projects.

Key Features for this Edible Ink for Printers

Package Contents

Firstly, let’s unpack what’s inside:

  • 280 XL Black Ink Cartridges X 1
  • 281 XL Black X 1
  • CLI-281XL Cyan X 1
  • CLI-281 XL Magenta X 1
  • 281 XL Magenta X 1


Designed with versatility in mind, these cartridges are compatible with a broad range of Pixma printers, including:

  • Pixma TR Series: TR7520, TR8520, TR8620
  • Pixma TS Series: TS6120, TS6220, TS6320, TS8120, TS8220, TS8320, TS9120, TS9520, TS9521C, TS702

Special Features

Moving on to the finer details:

  • High-Quality Chip: Ensures full working compatibility with your printer.
  • Diverse Color Range: Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Blue.
  • High Page Yield: Approximately 600 pages for PGI-280 Ink XL black and 6,360 pages for CLI-281 Ink XL Black, with 830 pages for the colored inks.

Benefits of Using Mayway’s Edible Ink for Printers

Perfect for Special Occasions

Whether you’re prepping for a wedding, birthday, or even a festive Christmas gathering, these inks guarantee your cake designs stand out with clarity and vibrancy.


Moreover, the cartridges have been designed with user convenience in mind. Additionally, the package thoughtfully includes a user manual to guide you every step of the way.

Quality Assurance

Given its stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews, it’s evident that users are more than just satisfied; they’re genuinely impressed.

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s advisable not to mix this ink with regular inks.
  • For optimal performance, ensure the chips on the cartridges remain untouched.
  • Should you encounter a “Non-Original” prompt, simply click “Continue” or “Yes” to proceed.
  • Lastly, it’s best to avoid firmware updates on your printer when using these cartridges.


In conclusion, the Mayway Compatible Ink Cartridges, tailored exquisitely for cake printers, offer a harmonious blend of quality, compatibility, and user-friendliness. So, if you’re on the hunt for top-notch edible ink for printers, this product undoubtedly deserves your consideration.

Where to Buy

For those of you who are on the fence, before making a final decision, smoothly transition over and click the link below to explore the best deals and offers currently available.

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