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November 28, 2023


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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy Review

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In the quest for the perfect Harry Potter game, “Hogwarts Legacy” might just be the answer. Though past releases offered a taste of the magical universe, they paled in comparison to this immersive experience. “Hogwarts Legacy” transports players into an enchanting open-world map reminiscent of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The game boasts stupefying spellcasting combat, memorable characters, and diverse activities that promise hours of gameplay. While its graphics might not be the epitome of technical brilliance and its foes may lack diversity, the overall experience is undeniably captivating.

The narrative aligns with typical Potter stories, filled with plot holes and mystifying elements. Players start as a fifth-year student and navigate a maze of magical adventures, from classroom learnings to epic battles against giant spiders. Enhancing the gameplay is a detailed character creation system.

As players dive deeper into the plot, they’re thrust into a world of secrets, super-charged magical abilities, and an impending showdown with an evil goblin. Some aspects, like receiving lessons from portraits of long-deceased characters, might induce eye-rolls. However, a solid cast of characters and a straightforward good-versus-evil storyline make “Hogwarts Legacy” a spellbinding journey, even if it treads familiar thematic ground.

Which System do you Play on?

Dive into the rich, spellbinding combat mechanics of Hogwarts Legacy, where over 20 versatile spells become your ultimate arsenal. Think beyond mere elemental strengths; exploit physical vulnerabilities, from using Leviosa to suspend mutant toads to wielding Expelliarmus to thwart a wizard’s enchantment. But it’s not all about combat – sharpen your skills in Hogwarts’ classrooms, unlocking a slew of spells while aiding fellow students on quests.

Crafted for 2023’s gaming landscape, the game introduces puzzles that demand creative use of spells, harking to Metroid’s thrill of using a new power-up to access uncharted areas. Your magical journey gets richer with the Room of Requirement, catering to those with an interior design flair. Furnish, pot plants, or establish potion stations – it’s a magical terrarium tailored by you!

Beast enthusiasts, rejoice! Much like Newt’s suitcase from Fantastic Beasts, gather creatures from the wild, care for them, and harness materials to upgrade your magical gear. With the main story spanning approximately 15-20 hours, there’s ample room for side quests and challenges, potentially stretching your magical adventure to 50 hours or more.

Hogwarts Legacy excels at captivating players with its world; every turn teases with distraction, making journeys non-linear. Echoing the immersive depth of titles like Elden Ring, its world is perfectly calibrated for exploration. Although it boasts an array of gear from robes to scarves, managing these can feel tedious at times. Moreover, while capturing the film’s essence and resonating with John Williams’ iconic tunes, its soundtrack beautifully encapsulates Hogwarts’ magical allure.

However, the game’s charm doesn’t fully mask its shortcomings. The noticeable absence of Quidditch – quintessential to the Harry Potter universe – feels amiss. The expansive Quidditch arena stands as a silent reminder of this omission. Yet, Hogwarts Legacy’s compelling narrative and gameplay make it a must-play for both fans and newcomers to the Wizarding World in 2023.

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